Recent Case Results

Below are just a handful of examples of cases Benjamin Kanani has worked on recently and their final results. Names and case numbers have been intentionally omitted to safeguard the privacy of our clients.

  • Client charged with Felony vandalism and District Attorney’s office was requesting approximately $7,400 in restitution for damaged property. Final Resolution: Client paid only $4,000 in restitution, served no jail time and instead completed 20 days community service with 4 extensions.
  • Client charged with Misdemeanor domestic violence and was at risk of losing his or her job if convicted of a Misdemeanor. Final Resolution: Client avoided a Misdemeanor and was convicted of an infraction only (comparable to a traffic ticket) and completed 1 round of domestic violence classes. No jail time.
  • Client charged with Felony drug transportation and Felony drug sales. Final Resolution: Client served 12 months of community supervision (comparable to house arrest) only and no jail time.
  • Client charged with Misdemeanor driving on a suspended license, with a prior conviction of the same offense. Final Resolution: Client’s prior conviction was ignored, Client received summary probation and 6 months to pay off a fine, and driver’s license was restored.
  • Client charged with Misdemeanor drug possession, with prior convictions of the same offense. Final Resolution: Client accepted to drug treatment program. No jail time.
  • Client had 5 outstanding traffic tickets and one Misdemeanor charge of driving on a suspended license with an arrest warrant attached. Final Resolution: All 5 traffic tickets dismissed, client convicted of driving on a suspended license as an infraction only (comparable to a traffic ticket), for which he had 9 months to pay a fine, and driver’s license restored.
  • Client mistakenly convicted of a DUI, even though he never received a citation, because he had the same first and last name as someone else in California. Final Resolution: District Attorney agreed that Client was not the correct individual based on additional identifying information, admitted mistake in open court, conviction dismissed, Client’s criminal record remained clean and driver’s license restored.