Fraud and Financial Crimes in Los Angeles

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Fraud and Financial Crimes (sometimes referred to loosely as “white collar crime”) are usually overlooked and forgotten about in today’s society. Because no physical violence is involved and the alleged victim is sometimes a corporation or wealthy individual, there is a tendency to sometimes dismiss them as “not that bad” or “less serious” than other types of criminal charges. Unfortunately, this is rarely the reality.

Some common fraud or financial crimes are:

  • Embezzlement
  • Identity Theft
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Tax Evasion
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Bribery
  • Money Laundering/Racketeering

Key Issues in Fraud Cases

Fraud and financial crimes can be unique in that, unlike almost every other type of charge, these cases turn heavily on paper evidence instead of live witness testimony. Put simply, it’s all about the paper trail. From the start, a detailed and thorough examination of any and all documentation surrounding the transactions at issue will be necessary to mount a strong defense and find holes in the prosecution’s case. For unfortunately, the way fraud laws are written, it is possible for an individual who has done nothing morally wrong to be convicted because they were disorganized or sloppy in keeping records of what they did and why. We urge all our clients to keep in mind it isn’t what they thought the transaction was that matters, but rather how it looks from the outside to a judge or jury.

Furthermore, fraud and financial crimes can be very serious, often charged as felonies carrying the potential for several years of jail time and the requirement that an individual pay back the alleged victim any money that may have been received illegally. Don’t underestimate the severity of these charges!

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