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Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”) and Driving While Intoxicated (“DWI”) are generally considered the single most common offenses that make it through the LA County court system. As a result, how prosecutors and judges handle these cases is sometimes very standardized with little investigation or detailed consideration of an individual’s circumstances.

Nonetheless, there are important factors that can affect the ultimate penalty, such as:

  • An Individual's Criminal Record
  • If There was Property Damage
  • The Accused's Blood Alcohol Content
  • If Children Were Present
  • If Any Narcotics were Involved
  • How the Accused was Driving

The Truth About Some DUIs

Many attorneys don’t reveal this information believing it may cost them money, but in truth, most 1 st-time and 2 nd-time DUIs do not result in very much jail time, if any. While each case is different and has its own particular issues, as long as there was no property damage, minors present or drugs involved, the case can often result in some combination of a misdemeanor conviction, summary probation, alcohol classes and a hefty fine usually ranging between $1,500 and $2,500 total.

Fighting Your DUI/DWI

This does not automatically mean, however, that this is a result that you should accept. For those who want to keep their record clean or whose cases do not match the circumstances described above, there are a number of measures a good attorney can take to investigate a client’s case and push for a better deal. Particularly if you have a witness who is willing to testify or provide a statement on your behalf and the prosecutor’s case relies entirely on the report of one police officer, there are ways to strengthen your position and either receive a deal you are willing to accept or take the case to trial and fight for a dismissal altogether.

This is not always easy to do with DUIs/DWIs however, as some less experienced attorneys don’t want to go to trial on what they consider a “small” case. Don't hesitate to get your free consulation with an experienced attorney and call (310) 702-9701 now.