Los Angeles Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

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Though not quite as common as DUIs or the many types of drug charges, domestic violence (“DV”) cases can be more serious than people think. Individuals charged with this crime don’t always realize that courts in LA County do not look at the history of the couple involved or what lead up to the ultimate arrest. Especially if someone is physically injured as a result of the altercation, judges often give more credibility to the alleged victim and prosecutors will often press charges, even if the injured party does not want them to.

Some Potential Ramification of a DV Conviction Are:

  • Jail Time
  • Domestic Violence, Anger Management or Alcohol Classes
  • Heavy Fines and Penalties
  • Protective Order for the Victim Against the Accused
  • A Felony Conviction on Your Criminal Record
  • Community Labor or Community Service

Special Issues in Domestic Violence Matters

In every DV case, a judge is required to issue what is called a Protective Order on behalf of the alleged victim as soon as the case comes to court, regardless of whether the accused individual is guilty or not. These Protective Orders are meant for the victim’s protection and, depending on the case, often go so far as to limit the accused’s ability to travel, go to certain places, or have any contact with the alleged victim, even if they are married, live together and have children and community property. This means that if you are charged with DV and you live with the alleged victim, you may have to find somewhere else to live for the duration of the matter, even if the prosecution has a weak case.

Our Philosophy on Domestic Violence Charges

Knowing the burden these cases can have on people, we at the Law Office of Benjamin Kanani believe speed and efficiency are essential in easing the burden these charges can bring and defending them effectively. Unlike a DUI or drug charge where the prosecution’s main witness is usually the law enforcement agents involved in the arrest, in a DV case, the prosecution’s case is often based heavily on the testimony of the alleged victim because they are the only witness to the incident besides the accused. That’s why we work quickly to reach out to alleged victims in these matters and see where they stand and if they are willing to support or testify in favor of our client. Taking this one step quickly can sometimes resolve a DV case before it gets started or makes any real progress through the court system.

To fight against such a serious charge, you need an attorney with perseverance, knowledge, and skill to build a defense that will increase your odds of a favorable verdict. If you or someone you know has been charged with DV, don't hesitate to contact us today at (310) 702-9701 and get the answers and help you need to continue on with your life.